Edmund Bradley's Personal Accounts 1823-1828

These are some excerpts from Edmund's personal accounts.  They give a good picture of his life, that of a skilled cabinetmaker in a family business, who has spare time and money for the many entertainments that Regency London offers. He visits the Haswell family in Hackney regularly, (he marries Margaret Haswell in 1828 when the accounts end) He joins "Main" and "Child" his future brothers in law to play billiards or go to cricket matches.  He visits the theatre, and buys works of art.  The Diorama was opened at the south east corner of Regent’s Park in September 1823. It consisted of large landscape and architectural pictures, lit from behind and above, with the whole audience being rotated to view the different scenes.

 £1 in 1825 would now be worth about £44,  1 Shilling would be worth about £2.20, and 1d would be worth about 18p.


Hair Cut and Dress’d 1s 0d

Ring  £3 10s 0d

Braceletts  11s 0d

Biscuits & Buns at Haswells  1s 0d

Pastry with Main Twice  1s 0d

2 Segars  4s 0d

Pair Kidd Gloves 1s 0d

Pair Yellow Gloves  2s 0d

Pit with Sally - King Charles 2nd  4s 0d

Letter from G Haswell 3d

Brasses for Dressing Case 1s 0d

Paid Mr. Worthington up to 10 August for board and loging 16s 6d

Exp. going to Margate dover & London all included silk handkerchief and collar  £4 6s 0d

Skittles with Hampton 6d

Salt Penella & Guolard Water with bottle 4d

To cleaning of hat of sea water 1s 6d

Pint of Cyder with Kirby 6d

Bought of J Childs a piece of 2 yds of Irish for collars 8s 0d

Glass of Brandy and water 1s 0d

Sope(?) & Beer& Apples 6d

To Segars of Father 4s 0d

Billiards with Main 1s 6d

Tools repaired and new 5s 0d

Cabinetmaker’s Society in all 18s 0d

Ginger Beer 2ice 1s 0d

Cricket Match Cannonbury 16s 0d

Plumbers 6d

Bricklayer 6d

Trowsers Black B. Tottenham   £1

Expen. Going to Margate Ramsgate  £4

New Waistcoat Green Stripes 11s )d

Do. New hat Fleet Market 10s 6d

Shells at Margate  6d

Expenses on the Thames to Gravesend   £1

Mr Warrington Rent to Oct 19/28  £10

Coach to Haswells  1s 0d

Letter from Dearing  10d

Apples  1d

Turnpike with Main  6d

Stock. Hank.ch. & gloves  6s 0d

Stage to Blackwall  1s 0d

Punch at Blackwall  6d

Stockings  10s 0d

Handkerchief 4s 6d

2 Portraits by Newcomb £2 9s 0d

3 times coach Hire to Haswells 3s 0d

Expences to Diorama with Mar:  5s 0d

With Child Billiards 2s 6d

Parochial Rates £1 0s 0d

Church Tax £2 0s 10d

Rent for 1/4 £6 5s 0d

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