Emily Bayly to Haswell Bayly 1899

Jawad is a town and a nagar panchayat in Neemuch district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Canadian Presbyterian Mission

Dispensary Jawad

Near Neemuch

Central India

4th April 1899

Dear Haswell

Your nice letter dated 12th March to hand yesterday for which receive my sincere thanks.  I cannot tell you how happy it has made me.  I am glad you like the handkerchief but up to date the short letter you mention has not come perhaps it may be in the box which I am looking anxiously for.  i see by the list sent that you have contributed a box of soap which will be most useful to me.

I do not think that you or any of the dear ones at home forgotten me, and I understand what a rush it is for you all but you must not give in to the feeling of not liking to write to or visit your friends or it will become harder & more difficult.  I do not think that any one could feel less inclined to write than I do at this moment yet my love for you & interest in you has enabled me to exert myself.  Now, first let me say I am glad to hear from you about your engagement. Someone did first mention the fact, but now I am in deep sympathy with you & find myself wondering what kind of young lady your Flo is.  I shall not be satisfied till I see her Photo, in the mean time remember me very kindly to her, may your love for each other be blessed & in God’s own time.  I trust you may have a real happy home of your own in which you will spend many happy years together.  I am really sorry to hear your dear father has to work so hard as you say his business is enough & yet I would be sorry to hear he had to give up the Chapel work or that connected with your dear Grandmother’s will. I feel I have lost a true loving friend in her death, however I hope to meet her & many more in the Home above.  Thank you for the news of dear Sydney, he wrote me a nice long letter & the answer I now enclose in yours.  I am glad to hear the New Minister is liked & is so devoted.  What you tell me of Sydneys appearance reminds me of a photo I received of your Uncle Dan when he first went to Paris & I was in Madras.  And how about yourself for no doubt 12 years have made a great change in you too.  I can only remember you as I left you.  You would no doubt see as much change in me, for I must now look quite an old lady still my heart is young and no doubt if I could take a good change & rest with nice English food I should loose (sic) some of the worn out look Your loving Auntie

Emily Bayly

(PS at top of letter at beginning) My fond love to your dear father & tell him not to trouble to write to me as I know how bad his eyes are. E B 


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