Florence and Jessie Bayly to C.F. Haswell Bayly 1882

Haswell Bayly was 8 at the time of this letter, and Jessie had just had her 6th birthday. Haswell was apparently staying at his grandmother's house (6 Ravenscourt Terrace Chelsea), where several of Florence's brothers and sisters (Emma, Lottie, Alick) were still living with their mother.  Georgie is the son of George Chapman Bradley, (Haswell's cousin). Jessie died in April 1884, so Haswell must indeed have valued her letter. 

Florence's letter

29 Lawrence Road 

Bow . E.

13th June 1882

My dearest Boy,

    I have been expecting you would write me a letter for some days past.  I do hope that you are obedient and trying to be a good boy. I would rather hear that, than that you were even a clever boy, though of course I am looking forward to you being a very clever man, which means that you must study very diligently whilst you are young. But there is time yet for that. I do not wish to put you to too much book learning at present, though I do want you to be humble and meek (as your Saviour was, you recollect) and obedient to those who in any way have control over you, and to be kind and gentle to your playfellows.

    What do you think of dear little Jessie’s letter?  I hope you will value it very much & take care of it all your life.  She has been so anxious to write it, but had to put it away on Friday, you can see where she began today by the different writing.  You must not carry it in your pocket, or it will soon wear out.

    Aunty Emma did not come to the Hall last night.  I hope it was not illness that prevented her doing so. Has dear Grandmama returned home?  If so give her kisses from me and ask her if she is better.  She will I know be pleased to hear that your father is much better.

    We had a most delightful excursion to Chingford on Saturday.  Fifty of us went.  The weather was beautiful and I brought home such a splendid bouquet of wild flowers, honeysuckle, roses etc. I purpose (sic)  if I hear a good account of you, taking you all there for a similar treat about the 28th or 29th inst.

    Will you ask Grandmama if she will allow Georgie to join us, and perhaps she or your aunties could spare time to come to.  I hope you will be able to read this, I can with difficulty hold my pen and now with many many kisses abnd fondest love, Believe me, your fond and loving mother.  P.S.  Jessie has asked me to send one kiss and a half from Mrs Norris & half from Charlie.

Jessie’s letter

9th June 1882

29 Lawrence Road


Dearest Haswell,

     Did you make me those cuffs? I think them very pretty.  I send Aunty Emma 1000 kisses for the little money she sent me on my birthday.  I send Grandmama 2000 kisses for the stamps she sent me.  Would you like to know what other presents I had? Mrs Norris gave me a splendid doll’s perambulator & two pieces of cake & some star sweets.  Papa gave me a beautiful pair of scissors & mama gave me an Easter egg for a purse, inside it was a nice necklace which I have worn twice & I had a beautiful card sent by post.  I have just found out who gave it to me Mrs Norris. I thank Georgie for his letter. Will you give my love to Aunt Lottie and Julia and Amy and Georgie and save a lot for yourself.

     Your loving sister,


P.S. Sidney is quite well and sends you 1000 kisses.  Mama and Papa send double. I send as many. Love to Uncle Alick


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