Florence Bayly (nee Jeremy) to C.F. Haswell Bayly about 1914

Florence and her children were probably staying with her brother Frederick and his wife Phyllis at Westcliff on Sea (Essex) when this letter was written.  At the outbreak of World War One there was panic-buying in the shops, and Florence's anxiety is expressed in this letter. It was followed almost  immediately by another letter asking Haswell to withdraw some money, and to order coal and other commodities. Haswell at this time was in charge of Slade Green Power Station for the Southern Railway, so held a vital job throughout the war.


Fairmead Avenue


My darling boy,

    I hope you arrived home quite safely without any trouble, isn’t it a sad thing about the War, do you really think it will take place with England, it made me realise it very much when Phyl told us that the soldiers were guarding Southend Pier & would allow nobody on the extension.

    I think dear it will be a good thing for us to get a reserve stock of food in & have enclosed a list which I think will be most wanted, will you send it to Penny Sons ( or take it for me dear as it will be too late perhaps when I come home (they will sure to be dearer)

    Also dear if you will get the few other things at Pearks store & Home & Colonial.

    I have been wondering whether I had better come home on the Friday instead of Saturday, do you think it wiser? or perhaps as I have a first class should be alright.

    Write me a letter darling when you can as you know how I love to hear from you & tell me if you have sent the order off to Pennys.  Also dear if there are any letters of importance send them on to me.

    I thought such a lot about you Sunday & did wish you were here with us. Today we have been down to front but it was so packed with people we were glad to walk on to Leigh.

    Good(?) my own dear precious boy take a heap of love & a real big squeeze from your own little wife,


Look through list & see if anything too much or other things you might think of.

Your Flo.

Ask them to deliver at the time you think you will be there.


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