Mary Walker, daughter of James Clark Haswell to Margaret Sims nee Bradley 1892

Margaret Sims was the daughter of Margaret and Edmund Bradley. Margaret Bradley (nee Haswell) had a brother James Clark Haswell who emigrated with three other brothers and a sister to America. Mary Walker nee Haswell was James's daughter, thus she and Margaret Sims were first cousins.  Margaret Sims spent some time in America, and made contact with her cousins, although by this time there was a rift between the family of James Clark and the other brothers.  Margaret Sims gave concerts in America as :Madame Maas" and also gave music lessons. Margaret's notebook in which she recorded recipes and snippets of information about the family, has been handed down the family. Mary was a schoolteacher, and Helen is her daughter. This letter comes from Wallingford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  James Clark Haswell's house at Nether Providence still exists and is a protected building.

Wallingford Del co Pa

Apr 14th 1892

Dear Cousin Margaret

Time glides so swiftly and noiselessly that I am surprised in looking at your kind letter to find it dated way back to Dec 31st and I have been so busy  that I have left it unanswered all that time.

My multitudinous cares make me appear indifferent  and neglectful to m friends in more ways than in delayed correspondence, but I know you will forgive me when you realize my busy life.

I’m glad you recd. the picture of the old home stead, and although it was a very poor expression in art, yet it was the best I could get at that time. I thought when I sent it to you  that it would be somewhat of an apology for the entire family pictures that you had so many times requested us to give you. You can see how Helen looks without her hair as she holds the cat in her lap. Everyone thinks it the picture of some boy. Well the fever did not all leave us the summer that mother died and the rest of us were so afflicted but returned and nearly claimed another victim in Walter the following summer. He was very sick and hovered between life and death for several weeks, two or three times we thought he was passing away from weakness after the fever had left him, but now he is in perfect health, has not been so well for a number of years as he is at present.

Adele was married to Mr Wm Hibberd on the 18th of Feb. Her health has been very much shattered since she passed through that spell of sickness congestion of the lungs just after we lost our mother.  She has been quite ill the past week or so, suffering with a congested liver and inactive kidneys, and her heart has never acted in a natural way since her illness.  Sallie with her husband and son are way out in Santa Barbra, California. Jessie and her family have gone to Texas to live.  She exchanged her share in her Pa inheritance for Henry’s farm.  Lucy and Uncle George are keeping house in Morton, tht village just opposite Rutledge where I had my school. So Walter & his children, Helen and myself are the only ones that remain at the old homestead. I am still teaching school in the brick building near my home. Helen has entered the School of Design in Phila. for a four year course and promises to be a success in her undertaking. She is now sketching a picture for their animal exhibit an old candlestick and snuffer, an ancient match-safe and several books yellow with age, she has chosen for her “study”, and it promises to be a very attractive group. A picture is the only fitting place for antiquity.  She made great progress with her music last year, but had to abandon it for her new calling this year.  I hope to give her more lessons possibly next season.  She is quite a young lady - it is surprising how she has developed just lately - taller than her mother & weighs 110lbs.  I have just written cousin Mollie in reply to a letter from her some time ago- Cousin George Haswell went suddenly insane, and I believe he has not altogether recovered yet.  Henry’s wife met with the same calamity also since I saw you.  I forgot to tell you that Cousin Mollie spent the summer in Phila last year, being most of the time with the Hollingsworths.  She paid intervening visits to Wallingford.  Her mother has been very ill since. Cousin Lillie expects to come up North for the coming summer I believe.  Mr Walker has been failing in health for more than a year. We did not expect him to last during the winter but now he is very much better, he still lives at his old homestead.  I sent your mother a letter the very day I sent you the picture. Did she receive it/ as I have not heard directly from her since.  Give my love to Gertie and ask her to write to me - I am sure she was a very gentle cousin. I am so glad Aunt Margaret keeps so well, tell her I send her my kindest love in which all the rest join. Helen has gone to remain all night with one of her schoolmates at Frankfurt a suburb of Phila, and so I am alone for the evening.

I will keep you posted on our future movements. With muh love to all my dear English cousin and hoping you will write me again soon.  I am your affect. cousin Mary.  We expect to sell the old homestead next month.


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