Borthwick Family Photos

According to family stories George Borthwick was a great grandson of Earl Borthwick of Borthwick Castle Midlothian; however no connection has so far been found.  George married Susannah Arthur at St Leonards, Shoreditch in 1804. Susannah died in 1817, and according to family information George had two further marriages. One of Susannah's sisters, Jane Arthur, married John Coxon, and had a daughter, also Jane who never married. One of George and Susannah's daughters, also called Susannah, married Daniel Rogers Bayly in 1834.  Her brother was James Arthur Borthwick, a woollen manufacturer.  He married Rosa Mills and had two children, one of whom, John Mills Borthwick, died at sea. Rosa died in 1848, and James Arthur then married Alice Roberts, and had six further children. James died in 1876, and Alice in 1902.

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Borthwick Castle, Midlothian (painting kept in the family)
St Leonard Shoreditch, marriage of George and Susannah 1804
Alfred Borthwick, son of James Arthur Borthwick
John Mills Borthwick, son of James Arthur Borthwick
Alice Borthwick, daughter of James Arthur Borthwick
Blanche Borthwick, daughter of James Arthur Borthwick
Miss Jane Coxon niece of Susannah Arthur

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