Ponder Family Photos

John Ponder was baptised in 1811 at Newton Church Suffolk. He married Jemima Ling, and their oldest son James was born in 1838. James married Eliza Day in 1861 and had a daughter, Catherine, in Suffolk, before moving to the east end of London and becoming a drayman with Charringtons' brewery. He had three more children, Arthur, Harry, and Eliza, but Catherine stayed in Suffolk being cared for by her mother's uncle.  James had three houses built in Bexleyheath, one for himself and his unmarried daughter Eliza, and the other two for his sons and their families. Harry and his wife Lizzie emigrated to New Zealand.  Arthur married Hannah Flegg, and they had their family of five children at Oaklands Road, the youngest of whom, Harry died when he was seven. Arthur worked as a buyer for W.H.Smith. When they retired they moved to Lancing, Sussex. Arthur died in 1947, and Hannah in 1958. 

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Newton Church Suffolk, John Ponder baptised 1811
Blaxhall Church, Jemima Ling baptised in 1814 and her 13 siblings (and many other Lings)
Arthur Ponder (Snr) born 1865 Stepney
Arthur Ponder (Snr)
Harry Ponder's Shop in New Zealand
"Carlton", 38 Oaklands Rd Bexleyheath
Win, Billy, Harry, Arthur & Glad Ponder 1908
Gladys and Harry shortly before he died
Billy, Win, Arthur, Glad, and their parents 1918
William (Billy) Ponder
William (Billy) Ponder
Arthur Ponder (Jnr)
Arthur Ponder (Jnr)
Arthur Ponder and Elsie de Leiros
Winfred Ponder
Win Ponder
Winifred and Edgar (Tommy) Thompson's wedding, 1930
Gladys Lettie Ponder
Gladys Ponder 1926

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