Flegg Family Photos


Many of the Flegg family, who came from the northern part of Suffolk, were skilled workers, sawyers, carpenters, gamekeepers. Before her marriage to William Flegg, Mary Ralph was working as a house servant for the well-known Garrett family in Aldeburgh. Hannah's uncle, Thomas, married Lydia Ponder; she was the aunt of Arthur Ponder, whom Hannah eventually married.  Hannah worked as a children's nurse, firstly in Leiston, then moving to Eltham as a nurse for another family. Hannah's sister Anna Maria was known as Aunt Tiny because she was so small.  She and William's daughter (Millicent) May fostered children over a long period. 

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Laxfield Church, where Thomas Flegg was baptised in 1781
William Flegg born 1827
William Flegg or William Ralph
Mary Flegg (nee Ralph) probably with William born 1859
Sevendale house where Mary Ralph worked for the Garrett family in 1851 (now Uplands)
William Flegg (Jnr) born 1859
Thomas Flegg millwright, born 1849 (married Lydia Ponder)
Hannah Letitia Flegg
Anna Maria Flegg (Aunt Tiny) and Hannah Letitia Flegg
Leiston church built about 10 years before Hannah Letitia Flegg was baptised there in 1870
Hannah Letitia Ponder nee Flegg about 1956

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