Parnall Family Photos

Edmund Parnall married Mary Morgan in 1802, they lived at Lord's Park Farm, Llansteffan. Four of their sons moved to London and set up clothing businesses, Henry and Robert establishing a substantial clothing warehouse in Bishopsgate. They owned several houses in Llansteffan; they endowed the church, and contributed to public life in Carmarthenshire, Robert becoming High Sheriff in 1877. Their philanthropy included giving gifts to the University at Aberystwyth, and St Botolph Bishopsgate. When Henry died in 1878 he left bequests worth the equivalent of seven million pounds. Ann who was unmarried also left a substantial amount of money to the church at Llansteffan. William Parnall married Mary Redit in 1830 at Bloomsbury.  Jane Parnall married George Cutchey at St Botolph Bishopsgate in 1839.

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Lord's Park Llansteffan
Henry or Robert Parnall
Henry or Robert Parnall
Ann Parnall
Parnall Memorial at Llansteffan Church
St Botolph Bishopsgate

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